K Wearables

It's been a few weeks since we announced our plan to rebrand, so now it's time to reward your patience and reveal our new name...

So say goodbye to Kerv Wearables and hello to K Wearables. Like our contactless payment ring, we're keeping it simple. 

K Ring from K Wearables

Speaking of which, Kerv Ring will now be called K Ring – same great product, just faster to type ;-)

K Ring - contactless payments

We are switching over to our new website, today Monday 2nd July, and you can now log in to your account at: myKring.com with the same details as you did on Kerv.com

Other than the change in styling, your experience will be identical. You'll still be able to view your statement, load funds and manage your account; you'll just be doing it on a different website. The details for loading funds have also remained the same - including your auto top-up settings (if you are using them).

Finally, we'd like to remind you that your Kerv Ring will be welcomed as usual, anywhere that accepts Mastercard® contactless payments.

If you have any questions about the re-brand, then see the FAQs on our website, or get in touch if you have any specific issues about your account.